Historic Preservation, Vermont & Massachusetts

Cultural resources and Historic Preservation projects are approached with respect. Every renovation, rehabilitation and or restoration begins with extensive research and analysis which provides the platform for design and construction to begin. Sensitive proportions and design elements for historic properties is always a priority.

Historic Preservation

Historic Deerfield • Deerfield, Massachusetts

Existing condition documentation provides a permanent record of important historic structures and architectural features. Detailed drawings can focus on the very specific and detailed individual elements such as custom stairs or broad overall building elevations.

Stowe Historical Society • Stowe, Vermont

This structure (c1878) was relocated and renovated to be the museum and office of the Stowe Historical Society. The interior and exterior improvements followed The Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation. The Historical Society was designed to be universally accessible by including an elevator, external ramp and accessible restrooms.

Suffield Farm House • Suffield, Connecticut

The farmhouse was included in a large subdivision where the developer decided to completely renovate and incorporate modern conveniences. The structure was intact but needed exterior improvements, as well as, interior improvements such as a new kitchen bathroom and additional bedrooms.

Westminster Town Hall • Westminster, Vermont

The Town of Westminster (c.1880) wanted to restore their Town Hall to its original color scheme. Thinking the town hall would be a traditional white field, my practice was brought in to investigate the color history of the building. We did a “spot” analysis called cratering, a non-invasive technique to determine color history.  After matching the colors to a Munsell color system the Town Hall's original color scheme was undeniably not white.